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Playhouse Reviews: Little Tikes Picnic N Playhouse

Encourage Your Child to Engage in Physical Activities – Offer Them the Little Tikes Picnic N Playhouse

The Little Tikes Picnic n Playhouse is great for keeping children active and entertained, featuring a backyard child playhouse and a climber in a single unit. Furthermore, the unit can be assembled in different configurations, making the play even more attractive and preventing children from getting bored.
Main Features of the Little Tikes Picnic n Playhouse
The innovative design made by Little Tikes features a clubhouse, a climbing ramp and a sliding board, engaging children into role play, active play and social play. It is what you would want for your child to keep them socially and physically active.
This Little Tikes Picnic n Playhouse contains a fold-down table so that children can have a healthy snack inside the unit or outside, on the patio.
This playhouse kit features a functional Dutch door and a functional light.
The witty design offers play possibilities on all sides. The play area can be made larger by interchanging the slide and the climbing steps and opening the wall, so two kids can enjoy the fun offered by this child playhouse at the same time.
The wall featuring the climbing steps and slide can be opened, diversifying and widening play area, at the same time allowing for better adult access.
This Little Tikes Playhouse weighs 75 pounds and measures 83.5 X 57 X 50 inches.
Main Advantages and Disadvantages of the Little Tikes Playhouse with Slide
Good Points:
Versatile design, providing numerous play opportunities and the possibility to interchange parts and set the child playhouse in various configurations;
Although this versatile playhouse does not eliminate the need to take your children out and let them explore the world and engage in physical activities, it does offer them the possibility to stay active while at home, which is a really big plus.
Little Tikes Playhouse With SlideThe play area can be made larger;
The Little Tikes Picnic And Playhouse features a table top that can flip, allowing children to make use of it inside the unit or outside on the patio;
Features 2 swivel seats that can be used inside or outside;
Encourages the child’s mental and physical development;
Attractive colors, suitable for boys and girls alike;
You can allow children to color the walls using chalk, as the material is high-quality and the chalk t can be easily rinsed off with a hose, as well as syrup, applesauce or other food stains. Dirt does not stick to the plastic. This offers your children the possibility to get creative and exchange physical activity for mental activity from time to time. Also, you can allow them to actually eat on the table, without having to worry that the mess will stick.
Very resistant construction;
The Little Tikes Picnic n Playhouse is ideal for children of various ages – recommended age: 1.5 to 5 years old;
Bad Points:
You may have to supervise young children at first and show them how to play so that they would not get hurt. For example, it would not be adequate for 2-year-olds to climb the rooftop or lean over the red, horizontal bar, not because the construction is not sturdy, but because they might fall. Although the unit is not high, caution is always recommended.
My Experience with the Little Tikes Playset
I have seen children age 2 to 4 playing in this versatile house and I can say that they really enjoy it. The set is nice: the working lamp from the outside of the unit, along with the table and chairs offer children the possibility to enjoy playing along their brother/sister or friends. I know that most children will have a lot of fun in this playhouse for years, until they outgrow it.
Little Tikes Picnic And PlayhouseI have seen this Little Tikes Picnic n Playhouse set indoors and outdoors as well. Personally, I would rather let the kids play outdoors. However, if you set it indoors, your child will be able to play in socks or bare feet – which are better when they are walking up the slide. Moreover, when the weather is bad, children can consume their excess energy indoors.
For little kids, the climbing wall is a challenge, but precisely because it is difficult for them to get up there, the sliding becomes more fun. Furthermore, they will be kept engaged in the game for hours. Kids like the fact that they can enjoy different set ups. There is even a phone included, and the children I’m taking care of love role-playing with it.
One thing I’ve learned from my experience: you have to be careful if there are lots of children around this Little Tikes Playhouse with slide, as they may start fighting who will use the slide the most.
One more thing I have to tell you is that the Little Tikes Playhouse will be quite difficult to put together at first, and you may spend a few hours assembling it. I have read the instructions and they are straightforward, so there will not be any issue in this regard. However, I know that it takes 2 adult men to put this together in order for the process to go smoothly and fast (my client had to call his cousin to help him out, while I helped with the instructions).
The most difficult parts to assemble this Little Tikes Picnic n Playhouse will be the slide and climbing wall. If you are not a handy person, it will be best to require help from someone. The plastic parts will not necessarily play well with each other and there are quite a lot of screws you will have to handle. You will need a drill or a powered screwdriver. However, the next times when you will assemble and disassemble the unit in order to move it from inside the house to the patio and vice versa, it will not be such a fuss to go through this process again.
Bottom Line
Although Little Tikes Picnic N Playhouse is a bit tricky to assemble and there is room for improvements if you are looking for outdoor toys, I think that buying it will be a wise decision. It is not too pricy, especially taking all its advantages into consideration, and I think that it will be of real help in the development of your kid. You may not love this Little Tikes playhouse at first, because you will have to deal with the hard part of putting it together, but your child will definitely love it from the first minute, and this will make you happy as well.

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