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The Little Tikes Playhouse – a Great Investment in Your Child’s Fun and Healthy Development

Children love to play outside and the Little Tikes playhouse is the perfect occasion for them to engage in various outdoor activities and to develop their building and imaginary skills, without any risks for injuries.

Playhouses in general are a great way for children to interact with each other and spend quality time outside. When playing, the children are stimulated to imagine various scenarios and themes, essential for their intellectual growth, while they can also develop their logical skills by putting the house together and decorating it as they please.

A Little Tikes playhouse offers you the possibility to bond with your child while building it, due to the compelling design that the children find very attractive and that often ends up representing their own small universe, where they can exercise different talents and be physically active, which is essential for a healthy body and mind.

How Can Your Little One Use the Little Tikes Playhouse

The Little Tikes playhouses come in different models and offer numerous playing ideas, while being completely safe for your child. The Home and Garden Playhouse has an open design that I love because of its many areas where the children can play games. The house has a working door, a mailbox and a fence so your children will feel comfortable in an environment similar to the one in your own home. It comes with a small kitchenette, where the kids can exercise their cooking skills at the realistic pretend stove with clicker knobs.
The little boys will have a blast playing with the hammer and the screwdrivers on the pounding bench, while the little girls can plant flowers and watch them grow over time. This Little Tikes playhouse is approximately 80 inches long, 36 wide and 52 high, being spacious enough to accommodate two children. However, other children can play in its outside area as well, due its friendly open design.
Little Tikes Endless Adventures PlayhouseThe Endless Adventures Tikes Town Playhouse is a model that includes four different themed walls, so your little ones can imagine that they are firemen in the Firehouse, they can learn and write the alphabet in the Schoolhouse, play one of the 6 included sports games in the Sports house or sell groceries in the Grocery Store.
So, I can honestly say that your little ones will never get bored with this great playhouse. It is suitable for children between the ages of 1 and 6 and it can hold up to 3 kids at the same time.
The Advantages of Buying a Little Tikes Playhouse
In my experience with children, I found that their overall development is strictly related to their activities and games. Playing a game on the computer may stimulate creativity, but it certainly cannot compensate for the fresh air and exercise offered by playground equipment. In my view, buying a playhouse offers numerous benefits, such as:
Social and interactive play for your children;
The possibility of developing their logical skills by building and assembling;
The opportunity to safely play outside;
A lot of entertainment due to the large number of games;
A sense of belonging and security offered by the miniature house in comparison to large and busy playgrounds.
The Downsides of a Little Tikes Playhouse
Apart from not being functional during the cold season and not being suitable for indoor play, the playhouses offered by Little Tikes lack disadvantages. They are made from plastic and not too heavy, so they present no dangers whatsoever. Also, putting them together is very easy and actually quite fun when the family works together.
Conclusion: Buying a Playhouse Is a Good Investment for Your Children’s Future
If you are searching for a way to stimulate your children and to offer them all the entertainment that they need at a young age, I strongly recommend the playhouse models from Little Tikes.
They positively influence the children’s minds and bodies, offering hours of good, clean fun, not to mention safety, in your very own back yard. I can say, without a doubt, that a Little Tikes playhouse will offer your children the summer days of their lives, for years.

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