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Playhouse Reviews: Little Tikes Picnic N Playhouse

Encourage Your Child to Engage in Physical Activities – Offer Them the Little Tikes Picnic N Playhouse

The Little Tikes Picnic n Playhouse is great for keeping children active and entertained, featuring a backyard child playhouse and a climber in a single unit. Furthermore, the unit can be assembled in different configurations, making the play even more attractive and preventing children from getting bored.
Main Features of the Little Tikes Picnic n Playhouse
The innovative design made by Little Tikes features a clubhouse, a climbing ramp and a sliding board, engaging children into role play, active play and social play. It is what you would want for your child to keep them socially and physically active.
This Little Tikes Picnic n Playhouse contains a fold-down table so that children can have a healthy snack inside the unit or outside, on the patio.
This playhouse kit features a functional Dutch door and a functional light.
The witty design offers play possibilities on all sides. The play area can be made larger by interchanging the slide and the climbing steps and opening the wall, so two kids can enjoy the fun offered by this child playhouse at the same time.
The wall featuring the climbing steps and slide can be opened, diversifying and widening play area, at the same time allowing for better adult access.
This Little Tikes Playhouse weighs 75 pounds and measures 83.5 X 57 X 50 inches.
Main Advantages and Disadvantages of the Little Tikes Playhouse with Slide
Good Points:
Versatile design, providing numerous play opportunities and the possibility to interchange parts and set the child playhouse in various configurations;
Although this versatile playhouse does not eliminate the need to take your children out and let them explore the world and engage in physical activities, it does offer them the possibility to stay active while at home, which is a really big plus.
Little Tikes Playhouse With SlideThe play area can be made larger;
The Little Tikes Picnic And Playhouse features a table top that can flip, allowing children to make use of it inside the unit or outside on the patio;
Features 2 swivel seats that can be used inside or outside;
Encourages the child’s mental and physical development;
Attractive colors, suitable for boys and girls alike;
You can allow children to color the walls using chalk, as the material is high-quality and the chalk t can be easily rinsed off with a hose, as well as syrup, applesauce or other food stains. Dirt does not stick to the plastic. This offers your children the possibility to get creative and exchange physical activity for mental activity from time to time. Also, you can allow them to actually eat on the table, without having to worry that the mess will stick.
Very resistant construction;
The Little Tikes Picnic n Playhouse is ideal for children of various ages – recommended age: 1.5 to 5 years old;
Bad Points:
You may have to supervise young children at first and show them how to play so that they would not get hurt. For example, it would not be adequate for 2-year-olds to climb the rooftop or lean over the red, horizontal bar, not because the construction is not sturdy, but because they might fall. Although the unit is not high, caution is always recommended.
My Experience with the Little Tikes Playset
I have seen children age 2 to 4 playing in this versatile house and I can say that they really enjoy it. The set is nice: the working lamp from the outside of the unit, along with the table and chairs offer children the possibility to enjoy playing along their brother/sister or friends. I know that most children will have a lot of fun in this playhouse for years, until they outgrow it.
Little Tikes Picnic And PlayhouseI have seen this Little Tikes Picnic n Playhouse set indoors and outdoors as well. Personally, I would rather let the kids play outdoors. However, if you set it indoors, your child will be able to play in socks or bare feet – which are better when they are walking up the slide. Moreover, when the weather is bad, children can consume their excess energy indoors.
For little kids, the climbing wall is a challenge, but precisely because it is difficult for them to get up there, the sliding becomes more fun. Furthermore, they will be kept engaged in the game for hours. Kids like the fact that they can enjoy different set ups. There is even a phone included, and the children I’m taking care of love role-playing with it.
One thing I’ve learned from my experience: you have to be careful if there are lots of children around this Little Tikes Playhouse with slide, as they may start fighting who will use the slide the most.
One more thing I have to tell you is that the Little Tikes Playhouse will be quite difficult to put together at first, and you may spend a few hours assembling it. I have read the instructions and they are straightforward, so there will not be any issue in this regard. However, I know that it takes 2 adult men to put this together in order for the process to go smoothly and fast (my client had to call his cousin to help him out, while I helped with the instructions).
The most difficult parts to assemble this Little Tikes Picnic n Playhouse will be the slide and climbing wall. If you are not a handy person, it will be best to require help from someone. The plastic parts will not necessarily play well with each other and there are quite a lot of screws you will have to handle. You will need a drill or a powered screwdriver. However, the next times when you will assemble and disassemble the unit in order to move it from inside the house to the patio and vice versa, it will not be such a fuss to go through this process again.
Bottom Line
Although Little Tikes Picnic N Playhouse is a bit tricky to assemble and there is room for improvements if you are looking for outdoor toys, I think that buying it will be a wise decision. It is not too pricy, especially taking all its advantages into consideration, and I think that it will be of real help in the development of your kid. You may not love this Little Tikes playhouse at first, because you will have to deal with the hard part of putting it together, but your child will definitely love it from the first minute, and this will make you happy as well.

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The Little Tikes Playhouse – a Great Investment in Your Child’s Fun and Healthy Development

Children love to play outside and the Little Tikes playhouse is the perfect occasion for them to engage in various outdoor activities and to develop their building and imaginary skills, without any risks for injuries.

Playhouses in general are a great way for children to interact with each other and spend quality time outside. When playing, the children are stimulated to imagine various scenarios and themes, essential for their intellectual growth, while they can also develop their logical skills by putting the house together and decorating it as they please.

A Little Tikes playhouse offers you the possibility to bond with your child while building it, due to the compelling design that the children find very attractive and that often ends up representing their own small universe, where they can exercise different talents and be physically active, which is essential for a healthy body and mind.

How Can Your Little One Use the Little Tikes Playhouse

The Little Tikes playhouses come in different models and offer numerous playing ideas, while being completely safe for your child. The Home and Garden Playhouse has an open design that I love because of its many areas where the children can play games. The house has a working door, a mailbox and a fence so your children will feel comfortable in an environment similar to the one in your own home. It comes with a small kitchenette, where the kids can exercise their cooking skills at the realistic pretend stove with clicker knobs.
The little boys will have a blast playing with the hammer and the screwdrivers on the pounding bench, while the little girls can plant flowers and watch them grow over time. This Little Tikes playhouse is approximately 80 inches long, 36 wide and 52 high, being spacious enough to accommodate two children. However, other children can play in its outside area as well, due its friendly open design.
Little Tikes Endless Adventures PlayhouseThe Endless Adventures Tikes Town Playhouse is a model that includes four different themed walls, so your little ones can imagine that they are firemen in the Firehouse, they can learn and write the alphabet in the Schoolhouse, play one of the 6 included sports games in the Sports house or sell groceries in the Grocery Store.
So, I can honestly say that your little ones will never get bored with this great playhouse. It is suitable for children between the ages of 1 and 6 and it can hold up to 3 kids at the same time.
The Advantages of Buying a Little Tikes Playhouse
In my experience with children, I found that their overall development is strictly related to their activities and games. Playing a game on the computer may stimulate creativity, but it certainly cannot compensate for the fresh air and exercise offered by playground equipment. In my view, buying a playhouse offers numerous benefits, such as:
Social and interactive play for your children;
The possibility of developing their logical skills by building and assembling;
The opportunity to safely play outside;
A lot of entertainment due to the large number of games;
A sense of belonging and security offered by the miniature house in comparison to large and busy playgrounds.
The Downsides of a Little Tikes Playhouse
Apart from not being functional during the cold season and not being suitable for indoor play, the playhouses offered by Little Tikes lack disadvantages. They are made from plastic and not too heavy, so they present no dangers whatsoever. Also, putting them together is very easy and actually quite fun when the family works together.
Conclusion: Buying a Playhouse Is a Good Investment for Your Children’s Future
If you are searching for a way to stimulate your children and to offer them all the entertainment that they need at a young age, I strongly recommend the playhouse models from Little Tikes.
They positively influence the children’s minds and bodies, offering hours of good, clean fun, not to mention safety, in your very own back yard. I can say, without a doubt, that a Little Tikes playhouse will offer your children the summer days of their lives, for years.

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Bring Joy to Your Child with the Step 2 Playhouse, Suitable for Outdoor Play

The outdoor playing equipment offered by Step 2 company is destined to keep your children safe, while offering them quality time and lots of fun, and the Step 2 playhouse is an important part of this plan.

The toy manufacturer has been in the business for more than 10 years and has always focused on the importance of creative play for children, an aspect which I completely agree upon.

Playhouses are a great way for your child to spend time outside, rather than in front of the computer, to breathe fresh air and be active, without getting hurt. Step 2 offers many different models of playhouses perfect for your back yard, where your kids will just love to play, especially during the warm summer days.

Playhouses are easy to set up and they have a way of bringing the whole family together. Baby-sitting so many children, I noticed how important it is for a family to participate in different activities together and also how fun and constructive it is for a toddler to relate to other children. A playhouse is the perfect opportunity for all these and much more.

How the Little Ones Can Enjoy a Step 2 Playhouse

All the playhouse models from Step 2 are suitable for both little boys and girls, and they are very easy to put together. They are made of plastic, so they do not present any dangers for the kids, and they have an open design for quick and easy access.

What I love the most about all the Step 2 models is the variety of themes that the children find so attractive. The Gather and Grill playhouse for example, is perfect for children from 18 months to several years and offers them the possibility to play in the pretend kitchen or at the built in grill. The house is spacious enough for up to 5 children, and also has benches for two, where the kids can hang out, as well as a 5 piece accessory set.

Another great Step 2 playhouse that I like is the Naturally Playful Front Porch playhouse, appropriate for children aged between 2 and 4. It has a beautiful porch, perfect for hot summer days or passing showers. The house has a passing through window, a fun challenge for little ones, windows with shutters and even a skylight on the roof for a bright interior. Inside, the any games they like, feeling comfortable and safe in their very own home. The playhouse can accommodate 2 children and also has a porch with a bench.

The best thing, in my opinion, is that the Step 2 playhouses are fit for indoor use as well, so your children won’t have to look sadly out of the window when winter comes.

The Benefits of Putting Up a Step 2 Playhouse

As a person who spends a lot of time around kids, I can firmly state that having a playhouse for your child is a great investment. First of all, the kids benefit from social interaction, which develops their communicational skills and behavior. They exercise outdoors and, thus, they stay healthy and fit. Also, a Step 2 playhouse is great for family bonding, because all the family members can spend time and play together.

One of the greatest advantages of a playhouse is its positive influence on the children’s mind, because the little ones can continually develop new games, imaginary situations and social roles that are great for their healthy development.

All the playhouses manufactured by Step 2 are completely safe, so you do not have to worry about potential injuries. They come at affordable prices, some also including accessories, a great plus for the child’s entertainment.

The Disadvantages of Using a Step 2 Playhouse

I find it hard to identify any negative aspects in these playhouses. Maybe the most visible is the fact that children eventually grow up and no longer fit inside, but, other than this, a playhouse means lots of fun.

Conclusion –Step 2 towards a Brighter Future

If you want to invest in your child’s future development, I strongly recommend a playhouse. Playing is one of the best ways of growing up, but only with the proper games and attention. The best way to encourage your kids’ imagination and healthy habits is to invest in a Step 2 playhouse!

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Safety Precautions to Be Observed When Playing with the Playhouse

Designed for small or large yards, wooden or made of plastic, a playhouse is the perfect escape space for the little ones to interact, to build social skills, but, most of all, to have fun. Some play the host, others are the guests, and they all have something to do in order to burn that energy inside them. Even parents can be invited for tea or supper and the girls can cook on the pretend burner a delicious meal for mom and dad.

Parents, grandparents and babysitters, we are all happy that playhouses were invented, as we know that the little ones have a great time playing with them and that they are safe. Unfortunately, safety is a relative term, and not all the playhouse models on the market ensure it at the same degree.

Thus, the level of safety that a playhouse offers depends on several factors:

  • The design of the playhouse;
  • Whether it is bought or built by the parents
  • The materials used in making it.

    The Design

    As attractive as it may seem, do not get fooled by the colorful exterior. The layout may look funny and interesting, but, before purchasing something for your kid, take all the safety precautions possible, and keep in mind the following aspects.

    For kids under three years of age:

    • A playhouse with a loft and a ladder should not be an option. They tend to climb, so the risk of falling is imminent. Serious injuries may follow.
    • You should be able to see your kid on all levels, in order to make sure that he or she does not fall, swallow things.
    • Some playhouses have doorbells that actually ring. Do not buy one if batteries are needed, as, at this age, toddlers tend to chew everything. So, batteries and small pieces of any kind must be avoided.

    Bought or Built?

    Some parents believe that no one can ensure their children’s safety better than they can, but this, unfortunately, does not verify in practice. The playhouses available on the market are far better finished than what anyone can improvise at home.

    Materials used are especially selected to allow better finishing and proper molding, and it is unlikely for a parent to find such materials in a local store. Therefore, I would go for the commerce versions, as, although they do not incorporate the love and commitment a parent would put in making the playhouse, they are safer and, why not, time effective.

    The Materials

    For toddlers, inflatable playhouses are the best, as they are soft, they ensure side protection and safe landing. Even if they fall, the kids cannot hurt themselves.

    The plastic playhouses come next, as the children grow, allowing a better evening of the edges and a better molding of the corners and of the sides.

    For kids over three, especially five years of age, wood is an excellent choice as well, especially when it comes to the floor and the walls of the house, allowing real life accessories, like windows with shutters and real opening doors.

    From what I have seen, metal playhouses are not bad other, but, perhaps it is just my impression, leaving their durability aside, they are cold, rough, less “friendly” than those made of wood or plastic.

    General Safety Precautions

    • The playhouse should be installed by grownups, even if the kids lend a hand, following the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter;
    • The recommendations regarding the maximum weight and the minimum and maximum age limits should be strictly followed;
    • No matter how safe the playhouse is, the children should not be left unsupervised at least from a distance, depending on their age and on the specifications of the playhouse;
    • The cleaning and the repainting of the playhouse should be done with carefully selected substances that will not harm the skin of the children, especially in case of bruises or scratches;
    • The toys that the children use in the playhouse should be carefully verified, to make sure that they do not include sharp objects, pieces that could be swallowed or dangerous chemical substances.
    • Every month, or according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the playhouse should be verified to make sure that all the connections, screws and other fittings are tight and in place.


    Although playhouses are generally safe and an excellent option for the children’s development and entertainment, they do not exempt you from the responsibility of watching over your children 24/7, so, choose one carefully and pay attention to all the above aspects in order to avoid unfortunate accidents.

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Little Tikes Climb And Slide Castle

Little Tikes Climb and Slide Castle Review – A Joyful Experience for Little Adventurers

It is difficult to find a toy for your children that can be more enjoyable and exciting than the Little Tikes Climb and Slide castle. Designed to be used safely by smaller children, this play set will bring a lot of joy to your toddlers, while helping them explore new games, improve their climbing skills and inspire them to use their imagination and creativity.

Both children and parents will be delighted to get this play set. Available at a very reasonable price, it is built to last, portable, easy to assemble and very lightweight. Also, it doesn’t take up much space, so you can easily set it up indoors even if your children’s room doesn’t have a whole lot of available space.

Most Exciting Features of the Little Tikes Climb And Slide Castle

The Little Tikes Castle Playhouse is a delightful toy that any little adventurer with big dreams will love to play with. It comes with a sturdy construction and an inspiring design that will quickly become addictive for kids who enjoy making up creative new games and stories.

The castle is built on top of a fun crawl through tunnel and hide out that can inspire many adventures for your little explorers. Children can use an easy rock climbing wall for beginners to get to the top of the castle tower and either play with a fun and realistic steering wheel or slide down a little slope designed to provide the gentlest landing.

With the sturdy and safe design crafted by Little Tikes, your little tikes will be able to enjoy playing with their new toy for hours on end without being in any kind of danger and without being able to break anything.

What You Will Love about the Little Tikes Climb & Slide Castle

If you have very small children, this play set can be perfect for introducing them to outdoor play and helping them take their first steps into a larger world. The Little Tikes climb and slide castle is extremely easy to assemble and use, and its simple construction will allow for many fun uses and games that will kindle your little ones’ imagination. Here are a few more positive points you may be interested to know about:

  • Little Tikes Climb And SlideFirst of all, this is a great toy for smaller children, it can be used both indoors and outdoors, and your kids will likely have hours of entertaining fun using it.
  • Being as light as it is, it can be kept in a small play room and taken on picnics and camping trips so your kids can have their favorite play set with them anywhere you take them.
  • The small climber and Little Tikes slide are great both for your children’s amusement and for getting them to exercise and improve their motor skills – a very important part of a toddler’s development at such a young age.
  • The realistic and colorful design is perfect for children who love to play out fairytale adventures and enjoy acting out make believe stories based on their favorite beautiful princesses, brave knights and powerful wizards.
  • The material used for manufacturing this beautiful toy is safe enough to allow even the youngest children to use it without any risks of getting injured.

Negative Aspects

Like all playground products, the Little Tikes castle isn’t perfect. While it can be great for your small children to explore their make-believe worlds and enjoy the many possibilities that this little play set can offer, some parents have stated that their children had experienced difficulties in using certain parts of the equipment:

  • The climbing rock wall can be somewhat difficult to handle for some children, due to the slippery plastic surface and the fact that indoors, the light weight of the Little Tikes Slide And Climb can cause it to slide away somewhat easily on smooth surfaces.
  • Also, if your kids are tall for their age, they might find it a little difficult to play with the Little Tikes Castle slide properly – it was designed for children between 1 and 4 years of age.

My Experience with the Little Tikes Climb And Slide

Little Tikes Climb & Slide Castle I once had the privilege to babysit two beautiful children – a boy and a girl of two and three years of age – whose parents had recently bought the Little Tikes climb and slide from an online retail store.

I arrived just in time to see the little girl sliding excitedly down the slope and then running back to the climber to climb the rocks again. Despite the fact that they had only been using the toy for about a day, the kids found it very easy and enjoyable to use all of its features, and we had a blast all afternoon making up games and stories to play out with the small play set.

The little boy did have some trouble climbing the rocks, and his leg almost slipped a few times, but he was very persistent and, as long as I helped him up by holding his hand, we had no real issues. I was surprised at how the time passed while playing with this gorgeous play set and having fun with the kids, and we were all sad when their parents came home and “broke up the party”.

The Bottom Line

At a price of only slightly above $100, this fun and engaging play set is definitely worth the expense if you want to get your toddlers a toy that they will not stop loving for months and even years to come. Because of its sturdy craftsmanship, it requires very little maintenance, and it can easily be taken indoors if a storm is coming or disassembled and placed in a car if you plan on taking your little ones on a trip to the countryside.

There is nothing better than hearing the laughter of your children and watching them as they learn to explore new adventures and play with an engaging and inspiring toy. The Little Tikes Climb and Slide Castle can definitely offer them an interesting and fun challenge as they use it to have a great time, learn new skills and get a lot of good outdoor exercise.

Feb 18

Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen

The Step2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber – for Your Toddler’s Active Development

The Step2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber is one of the most exciting toys you can buy for your toddlers that will not only provide lots of hours of fun every day, but will also assist them in learning how to use their motor skills and build up their little arm and leg muscles to become strong, confident little adventurers.

The Step2 climber is very light and doesn’t take up much space, so you can place it even in a smaller play room. What’s more, you will find that it is sturdy enough to easily support 3-4 toddlers who are curious enough to explore its many different and exciting features.

What Are the Most Notable Features of the Step2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber?

The Step2 Naturally Playful Woodland climber is basically a two-story structure with a 27″ tall platform that children can reach either by climbing a basic ladder or by escalating two rock walls placed on either side of the climber. It also features a fun little slope that they can slide down on safely and a rotating steering wheel that can act as a helm for their pretend “pirate ship”.

The bottom compartment can also be decorated as a playhouse or a sandbox for your toddlers to play in. This adds even more to the practical value of the climber, as it can be a great asset in case you don’t have enough space in your toddler’s playroom for a playhouse or another type of large toy. Children can also use this great feature as a secluded play area, a hiding place in their pretend games or as a storage area where they can stash away their favorite toys from the prying eyes of grown-ups and older children.

Good Points of the Step2 Woodland Climber

There’s really a lot to say about the benefits of owning this great Step2 Woodland climber. You will likely find many more positive aspects that can be associated with the climber; however, these are some of the most obvious ones that would make this Step2 playhouse one of the best purchases you can make for your children:

  • The realistic design features some great colors and textures, and the sturdy and resilient structure was built especially for the safety of toddlers who love to climb up and down the tall rock wall and the ladder.
  • It is very easy both to assemble and to disassemble this Step2 climber – the whole task shouldn’t last more than a few minutes – and despite the fact that it is quite tall, the climber can easily fit in even the smallest of your rooms, being one of the most practical large toys you can buy for your children.
  • Kids will love to play out their make believe stories in this great climber, and parents and older children can also join in on the fun. The toddlers can become pirates exploring the seven seas or brave knights who have to climb on top of the tallest “tower” to rescue a beautiful princess – there is really no limit to the imaginative play that your kids can enjoy while using their favorite toy.
  • Aside from the many creative uses that it can offer, the Step2 Naturally Playful Climber will also offer kids a great opportunity to get all the exercise they need without having to give up their fun and games. Climbing the ladder and the rock walls will prove to be an exciting challenge that can build up both their strength and their self esteem.

Bad Points

Most kids love climbers, and even if they won’t be too interested in the ladder and climbing walls, they will definitely love to play inside the adventure-filled compartments of this beautiful Step2 woodland climber. While there are not many notable drawbacks associated with this playhouse, there are a couple of things that could improve a child’s experience while using it:

  • While this climber with slide is a great asset and a fun addition for any household, there is still room for improvement. I would suggest that you add a floor to the bottom compartment and perhaps “spice up” the climber’s top floor with a few more accessories and play items that children can have more fun with.
  • Also, the little “room” on the bottom floor could be a bit taller. Older children or toddlers that grow faster can have a much easier time playing inside with more additional space available.

A Climbing Adventure to Remember

One of the families I am babysitting for recently bought this Step2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber for their 2 year old son. We had a grand time climbing “windy mountains” and sliding down exciting “valleys” with the interchangeable ladder and slide, and the little boy really loved playing inside the roomy compartments.

Even though he couldn’t handle the rock walls yet, I felt confident that it wouldn’t be long before he would have a blast climbing up and down his favorite toy in every direction.

This Step2 climber and slide seemed very sturdy and safe (especially the platform which is fitted with a portal that doesn’t allow toddlers to fall off), and it looked great in the child’s play room next to his many other toys – which he ignored most of the time since he was too busy with his “climb-climb toy” – and it was interesting to observe that the baby really loved the tactile sensation of the walls’ texture.

Excellent for Active Play

This Step2 Naturally Playful Woodland Climber is definitely a good investment for an active toddler, and if your child is still too young to use some of its features, you should definitely look forward for what is to come when she grows a little older. The rock walls are extremely sturdy and have a great looking texture and design that your kids will take to in no time, and they will likely love the downstairs compartment that they can use as a hidden place to stash their little “treasures”.

The Step2 Woodland climber is definitely a sturdy little piece of equipment that you can set up in minutes, even without any experience, and it will provide your kids with years of fun and entertainment while looking great in any setting – both outside and indoors. You definitely won’t regret buying it and your kids will be extremely happy with their fun new toy.